Fuji X-Trans Raw Processing

I thought I would illustrate the difference between processing a Fuji X-Pro 1 file in Photoshop and in Raw Photo Processor.

As you can see the RPP version is punchier, sharper and there is some real definition in the trees. Plus you can actually add some sharpening to the image without increasing the "watercolour" effect. The RPP file was saved as a tiff and opened up in Photoshop. This creates a file that Photoshop can then work with as opposed to the raw conversion, which is flawed. This was shot at ISO 400 by the way with the 18mm lens f/2 lens.

Now why can't Fuji do this?

N.B. There is actually more in the RPP file since there is no cropping to deal with distortion etc. So you also get wider coverage from RPP!!

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