You CAN get effective focus peaking on the Olympus OM-D

Via this link:-

I've used a version of this with the art filter, and wrote a post about it, but this improves that by setting it up so you can hold the fn1 button with your thumb, focus and then release it so that the original unfiltered shot reappears. Its quick easy and accurate.

Here's how:-

  1. Change the mode dial on the E-M5 to “A”
  2. Menu > Shooting Menu 1: set the “Picture Mode” to “ART 11 Key Line” (press right and choose Filter II). You may need to repeat this step twice to get the art filter setting to stick.
  3. Optional step if you want magnified view during focus peaking: Menu > Shooting Menu 1 > Set “Digital Tele-converter” to “On”
  4. Menu > Shooting Menu 1: select “Reset/Myset”, then select “Myset1″ and choose “Set”
  5. Menu > Custom Menu B: select “Button Function”, then select “Fn1 Function” and choose “My1″
  6. Menu > Shooting Menu 1: set the “Picture Mode” to “Natural” (or whatever you started out with)
  7. Menu > Shooting Menu 1 > Set “Digital Tele-converter” back to “Off” if you set it to “On” in Step 3 above

Here is a video showing it:-

Many thanks to Trevin for the post and Amin for the video.

Here are some pictures to show how well it works. Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Voigtlander 20mm - all shots at f/5.6. This was really quick and easy. Dare I say it, the peaking colour, in this case black, is much more distinct than on the NEX cameras, and I didn't have to enlarge the image to get spot-on focus. I think it may have been faster also, but I need to try it out in the "real world". Shows I guess what can be achieved if Olympus add this in to the camera properly, without having to engage the nasty filter effect. Means I'll never get those Voigtlander lenses off my OM-D now!!


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