The 40mm focal length

Kobayashi Hirofumi, The President of Cosina Voigtlander and I have one thing in common. A love for the 40mm focal length.  Ever wondered why Voigtlander have both a 35mm AND 40mm f/1.4 lens in their m-mount collection, which look virtually identical? This is why.

There is also an SLR 40mm lens.

I've never been quite sure why I like a 40mm, and the similar field of view from 20mm in m4/3 and 28mm in APS-C (which is usually the closest I can get) but it seems to be just right for what I want to include in a picture. 35mm and the standard 50mm are pretty close, but not quite there. One day I might work this out, but if I could choose one focal length to have to use all the time this would be it. 

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