Sony NEX-6 - Voigtlander lenses - River Avon

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The pictures taken with this combination are good. In fact they are very good indeed and the best so far, in terms of image quality, that I've taken with the NEX-6. Very sharp indeed, with a rich saturated colour and of course no vignetting, no noticeable distortion or other problems.

Despite lenses supposedly being "designed for digital" (which these days usually means lots of faults corrected by software) under most circumstances I still get my best results from lenses designed for 35mm film cameras. Someone on Google+ suggested that I was being unfair comparing something like the 16-50mm zoom to lenses like this. Why? If someone like me doesn't do comparisons like that, then how are we able to come to conclusions as to what we want to use? Unless we have a specific brief to go out and get such and such a picture, then we all have a choice as to what, how and when we photograph. Sometimes I prefer a zoom, sometimes a prime lens. Its important for me to know what the differences are in terms of image quality and useability so I can make an informed choice.

I will take the opportunity to yet again say how good these Voigtlander SLR lenses are. I do it periodically on this blog, and make no apology for doing it again. They are written about rarely, yet of such a high optical standard and superb build quality that I believe they deserve to be much better known. And yes I know they aren't cheap and more to the point are actually very difficult to find, as there aren't many places in the UK that sell them, but they are in my opinion every bit as good as the much more publicised m-mount lenses. I would just add finally that while many wide-angle m-mount lenses (12mm-35mm focal lengths) can cause problems on the NEX-7, the Voigtlander 20mm doesn't. There is no vignetting or magenta colour casts from this lens.

So, commercial over. Here are a few more pictures taken in icy conditions but with great light. On the NEX-6, I would report that despite the temperature I was able to use these manual focus lenses wearing gloves, and like the NEX-7 the NEX-6 is a camera that works very well for me. I've always liked the layout of the NEX-7 and the 6 is close enough to make it just as easy to use. I will do a piece on that in more detail, but for now would just say yet again, that these versions of the NEX system (NEX-6 and 7) are pretty much my favourite handling cameras.

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