Rawker software

Just shows how reliable the internet is. Rawker software for mac is still available HERE. I read something that said it no longer exists but it is still available, though it seems it hasn't been updated lately in terms of the camera specific side of it.


I have to say again just how good this software is for high ISO raw files from the Panasonic GH3 and Olympus OM-D cameras. 

In the post here - http://soundimageplus.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/panasonic-gh3-review-and-user_21.html I did some comparisons with the GH3, OM-D and NEX-6. I've done the ISO 3200 ones again in Rawker and you can download the full-size versions HERE

They are actually very good.

Above is the GH3 file at ISO 3200. Its pretty clean and retains the sharpness. Excellent.

I've always liked this software and if you have a Mac its well worth giving it a try.

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