Predictions for 2013.

Before thinking about what might arrive next year, firstly I must reflect on what we got in 2012. Surely a vintage year for digital cameras. Nikon D800/800E, Olympus OM-D, Panasonic GH3 and whatever you think about the lack of decent raw conversion, the Fuji X-Pro 1. Add in the 35mm sized sensor explosion, the Sony RX1 and we had a year when most of the camera manufacturers got serious. We did of cause get the Canon EOS-M as well, but then you can't have everything!

My prediction for 2013 is for a pretty quiet year. Last year was so crowded with announcements that it makes it difficult to see what might be coming that stirs the blood. I see lots of upgrading, add ons, building lens ranges. I unfortunately see more apps, wi-fi, android and all the junk. But at least there's an off switch for that. (So far!)


Pretty much nailed it with the D800/800E and D600 this year. Top quality at affordable prices. Hard to see what they can come up with to top that. Probably gives them more time to concentrate on the Nikon 1 series. (Whoopee!)


Maybe they will decide that they are going to make a proper mirrorless camera now. You know, one that actually focuses before Elvis leaves the building. Rumours of a 45MP+ monster. However thats a BIG jump from where they are now, so we'll see. I see more chasing of the video market.


Interesting collaboration with Olympus that might see some decent NEX lenses. Sony will come up with a surprise, they always do. How about that square sensor? Updated NEX-7 perhaps. Probably lots of apps, wi-fi, android etc. like the NEX-6. Just what I want!!


They will release a lot of updates, because they always do. G6, GX2 probably on the cards. They will have to go some to top the GH3 however.


See above. Only subsitute the OM-D for the GH3. Some talk about a 4/3, m4/3 hybrid, so the three of you out there that might buy it can start getting excited!


Will release some great stuff nobody buys.


See above


See above


Either getting out the tin helmets for the assault on them if the M does turn out pictures just like a Canon DSLR or getting the smug face masks out if the files turn out to be just like the M9 AND great at high ISO's. However don't hold your breath. Unless you have pre-ordered you'll probably be waiting for one this time next year.

So there it is. A bit restrained this year.

However, I am allowed one fantasy prediction, (More like a wish actually) since its my blog.


Announce an interchangeable lens DP Merrill. ISO settings of 100-320 only. Shoots raw files only. No video. Three lenses, 19mm, 30mm and 60mm, first two being versions of the DP1M and DP2M lenses. Articulated screen, built-in EVF and dust removal. Optional battery grip that takes 4 batteries and optional chrome / silver finish. Plus serious negotiations with Adobe to produce raw conversions that make people cry. (with joy of course!)

Who knows it could happen. But then I could see a British Saddleback landing on my lawn next year as well!!

May your desires and your bank balance live in harmony for 2013. 
(Personally I've given up hope!)

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