Panasonic GH3 - Review and User Experience - Part 3 - First Pictures

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I managed to get out today during a brief spell of good weather with the GH3 and 12-35mm and 35-100mm zooms. First thing I should mention... drum roll...... the OLED viewfinder and screen are 100% polarised sunglasses friendly. Hooray! No problems vertically or horizontally, screen or EVF. Excellent.

The main point of this trip was to see how the camera felt, and that was positive. No problems with the card slot cover. It stayed put. It was in fact everything I hoped, a "big camera" feel with none of the associated weight problems. I had the grip on as well, so it works very nicely for me. 

These were all shot at ISO 125, so thats another box ticked. The base ISO is 200, so this is an option, however processing from raw via Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS6, there were no highlight burn out issues, so thats the ISO setting I'll be using most of the time.

I also took the opportunity to see what the 35-100mm was like, and I will do some seperate posts on ths, but it is a really good lens. But then it damn well should be since it cost me £999!!! It is as I wrote yesterday beautifully balanced and I just love the internal zooming. No tromboning and "Oooh what a big one" comments with this. The image below shows that there is no softness at the telephoto end, and again that is how it should be with a lens at this price. Shot at 100mm, as you can see its lovely and crisp.

I also checked out some slow shutter speeds using the OIS in both lenses.

I would point out that the middle shot with the narrow boat ropes is a 100% blowup from the file upsized to 24MP. 

So thats all good then. But to be honest its what I expected and what should be the case with gear that costs this much. I was walking around with £3000 + worth of camera and lenses, and while thats not a lot for some "pro" equipment, most of us I'm sure would expect a pretty good performance from that much investment. 

Next two days are supposed to have some sunshine so I'll hopefully get some more decent opportunities to run the outfit through its paces. However this camera already ticks more boxes for me than anything else I've ever bought, so I am expecting great things. Its pretty obvious that there has been some serious input into this by photographers, something that hasn't always been in evidence with some previous Panasonic m4/3 cameras. Those dark days of the GF2 and my fears that cameras like that were going to be the future of m4/3 are long gone now and Panasonic have shown themselves capable of responding to what people who are serious about photography want. Its also gratifying to see this kind of ambition as well, since they are obviously aiming this camera at the DSLR market. 

I hope the GH3 will be a commercial as well as a critical success since I want to see this direction explored as well as the "pocket rockets". They have their place, and I can see the appeal of the Sony RX1, even though I don't want one, but the kind of versatility and performance that the GH3 promises is much more what I, and I'm sure a lot of others, have been wanting for a long time. To finally have this flexibility and quality in a non muscle damaging package is something I thought may have been impossible. Its not going to be perfect I know, but I'm beginning to sense that it might be the closest I'm going to get.

For my full Panasonic GH3 Review and User Experience - CLICK HERE

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