Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 zoom at 100mm - GH3 EVF and Screen

There are a couple of reviews of the 35-100mm f/2.8 zoom you might like to have a look at.

One is at Photographyblog
The other is at Lens Rentals

I should say how much I like the Lens Rentals blog. Great to read the reviews. Particularly when you you realise that they are not dealing, like you and I, with one-off lenses, but with whole batches. In this case Roger Cicala had seven of the Panasonic zooms to look at. Tends to give their reviews a bit more substance than other sites.

The review above is well worth a read. (As of course is the Photography Blog review)

Roger wrote this:-


Well, it didn’t quite meet my expectations, at least not at the 100mm end which is where my main interest was. But I’d set the bar pretty high.
On the other hand, it is certainly the sharpest m4/3 option I can get at 100mm, particularly stopped down to f/4. So I guess whether it met my expectations really isn’t important. It’s easily better than any other option, so I’ll be grabbing one. But I’ll probably whine about the price a bit."

I decided to have a look at the 100mm end of the zoom myself. I used it on my GH3, and shot a range of apertures at ISO 125, and processed the raw files identically via ACR in Photoshop CS6. Below are the 100% blowups. 



As you can see there is some corner darkening at wider apertures, and by f/16 the image is getting somewhat soft. I also don't have anything to compare this with so these are stand alone results. 

However, I think that these are a consistent set of results. Fortunately with m4/3 it usually isn't necessary to go to f/16 to get the depth of field that I require and the results at f/2.8 look fine to me.

The apertures I will use the most f/5.6 and f/8 are the sharpest, which is good to see. 

I will give more feedback when I can get out and use the lens again for real. I've been trapped indoors for 11 straight days now with the appalling weather here in the UK. Its mild, but very wet. The forecast isn't great either, so this might be a while yet.

So no conclusions at the moment. But I certainly wouldn't disagree with Roger's comments above. 

The GH3 Screen / EVF issue.

Some people are reporting a green cast on the screen and a lack of sharpness in the EVF. I obviously can't comment on how prevalent this may be, but I have to report that my GH3 suffers from neither. In fact, I think that its probably the sharpest EVF I've used. I talked in a previous post about manually focusing lenses without using the magnification function, including my Voigtlander 20mm at f/8 and f/11, and being able to do that accurately and quickly.

If there are issues with some cameras, then that is unfortunate, but it certainly isn't something that affects all GH3's, and like all of these things it is only after time that some kind of conclusion can be reached as to how widespread it is. 

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