Out and about with the Sony RX1

Chris Handley has just posted on album of photos on the Soundimageplus Blog Readers Group on Google+

The album (62 photos) is HERE.

Chris has also made the set available on flickr - HERE

Plus there are some of his impressions of the camera in the post.

Here's a few quotes:-

"it's small and light enough to drop into a small bag slung from a belt and almost forget it's there, so it's perfectly suited as a travel camera for a long day out and in addition after on and off use during the day, the battery is still showing 3/4 charged!"

"The camera is a joy to use, far nicer than the X100 or XPRO-1 as it seems more intuitive."

"the only critism so far is when looking at images where the trained eye looks for inconsistencies it's possible to see some distorion occuring,"

Many thanks to Chris for doing this and for posting so many pictures.

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