More on the Sony 16-50mm - Comparison with Sigma 30mm f/2.8

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I decided to compare my Sigma 30mm f/2.8 with the Sony 16-50mm zoom at 30mm, to see what the differences were. Both shot on the NEX-6.

Below are results at f/11 ISO 100, and are consistent with all other apertures. The zoom only manages f/5 as its widest aperture at 30mm.

Above is from raw, and the Sigma is clearly sharper and handles highlights better.

Above comparison is from jpg. The zoom has in-camera "correction" whereas the Sigma has none. The Sigma sharpness advantage and better highlight control is even more evident in this blowup.

Out using it a couple of days ago, I was unimpressed with the edge sharpness on the Sony zoom, but under these more controlled conditions this wasn't bad at all. The image below was at f/5, the widest the zoom will go at 30mm.

This actually compared well with the Sigma.

Another thing I saw was that at this focal length the vignetting and distortion was much more under control on the zoom. 

So the Sigma is obviously a sharper lens and more able to render highlights. However I might be inclined to give the zoom a go on my NEX-7. I have edited and uploaded some pictures from my Saturday shoot, and the vignetting is removed pretty easily, and I've managed to cope with the distortion and softness.

As I wrote in a previous post, this is a very useful zoom range for me, the wide end especially. Unfortunately that is where the worst of the problems are and I'm yet undecided as to whether I'm going to put up with this or sell the zoom.

Just to say I've ordered a Sigma 19mm for my NEX cameras. One UK store (Cameraworld) is selling it for £99 currently. This is a truly ridiculous price for a lens of this quality.

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