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Google+ has introduced communities, which seem to be forums for various areas of interest. Photography seems to be a growth area for Google+ and though like others I do find it a touch confusing here and there, with circles and now communities, it does look an interesting idea. Above are the ones I've joined already, some by invitation and some by just adding myself. The communities can be divided into separate topic areas by the moderators and it will remain to be seen whether this all takes off.

Considering how it can be difficult and expensive to start your own forum, it seems to have potential and it will be interesting to see how it works and develops compared to flickr, which is different but within its groups has the capacity for forum type discussions.

I've started the Soundimageplus Blog Readers Group. This is a non-public community, which hopefully could be the forum I've wanted for the blog that I never felt able to set up independently, and if you would like to be a part of it, then please let me know and I'll add you.

Its obviously early days, but it will be interesting to see whether these communities take off and if they develop into something worthwhile. Hopefully they can avoid some of the problems that many forums encounter i.e. Agression, Cosiness, Cliques, The uncritical applauding of the ordinary and the downright bad behaviour of some. Experience so far has been O.K. with some useful stuff being posted and a level of maturity thats refreshing.

I would apply this simple criteria to the Soundimageplus Blog Readers Group, that what you write and how you comment is in the same "spirit" as if you are in a room with the people you are responding too, and you are commenting on what they have contributed as if you are face to face with them, rather than "hiding" behind the "anonymity" of your computer or phone. I've always tried to write in the same way that I would talk to people in person and feel thats the way to keep things "civilised". 

It will be interesting to see where this all goes. It could of course "end in tears" but hopefully it will encourage a thoughtful response from people and not turn into a free for all for those who seem intent on acting like five year olds who constantly want to argue about who has the best toys. We will see I guess. 

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