DO NOT buy these adapters

I suppose it might be human nature, but despite spending substantial sums of money on cameras and lenses recently I tried to save a few pounds on an adapter and consign a £500 lens to a £600 camera using the above piece of junk that nearly destroyed both.

Beware of this adapter, other adapters that look like it, and anything similar that is being sold by various traders across ebay and the internet. 

As I said this was my own fault, but after getting this adapter and fitting my Voigtlander 20mm to it and then the whole thing to my NEX-6, I then spent several hours disengaging the whole thing. Firstly, it took ages getting it off my camera. It just wouldn't come free, and I was imagining that it would have to be removed by a repair facility until I eventually got it off. However my relief at finally removing it my NEX-6 without damaging the lens mount was unfortunately short lived as I then discovered that the lens was stuck fast to the adapter. The switch that pulls the lug down and frees the lens was useless and would not retract thus in effect "welding" the lens to the adapter. This took me much longer to get free and involved destroying the adapter. It did also cause some cosmetic damage to the lens.

So as I said, a piece of junk and a potentially damaging piece of junk as well. I have since returned it and my money has been refunded, but I'm posting this warning about the problems. It has no name on it but has those distinct markings on the barrel.

I have since decided that is the end of my trying to save money on accessories. I do actually normally buy well-made but substantially more expensive adapters, such as Novoflex, and I've now bought a Voigtlander Nikon > NEX to replace this one. I'm just not prepared to take the risk anymore.

Please use my stupidity and penny-pinching to make sure you don't get the same problem. If I can stop anyone from wasting their money on c**p like this then at least something useful might come from the experience.


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