4,000,000 and counting

These numbers are getting quite scary. I never imagined that something I started as a way of filling in time while waiting for panoramas to stitch together and as an antidote to the tedium of constant editing, captioning and keywording, would develop such a life of its own. The Soundimageplus blog has become an important part of my life, and if photography is my job, then writing about it seems to have become my hobby.

Writing here is still a pleasure, and is usually the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. Its got to the stage that I write posts in advance and time their appearance. Plus I'm now often publishing two or three posts per day and the links from other sites, from all over the world, are just going up and up. The blog now even generates a small income via the Google ads, which is all I display. I take the view that things like Amazon advertising, which some other sites use, means that for me to make money you the readers have to spend money, and I prefer the system whereby I get a (very) small royalty every time someone clicks on an ad.

This has proved useful in that it helps in mitigating the loss I make by selling on the cameras I buy. As a result of this I have bought an awful lot of stuff in 2012 and though it by no means covers what I loose after my tax breaks are taken in consideration, it does mean that if I feel like trying a particular piece of equipment, I'm more inclined to give a try than not. So if you click on an ad that looks interesting from time to time, be aware that its in a good cause, since I'll be able to keep up my spending habits!! This is important since there's a snowballs chance in hell that anybody will send me cameras and lenses to review (I'm much too rude in what I write for that) and this means that there is usually a fair amount of stuff sitting on my camera shelf for me to take pictures with and write about. 

Though my primary interest is making photographs, I am, as is obvious, someone who loves (mostly) the equipment that allows me to do that. I do try to integrate my opinions and reviews of the gear with what I do, and all the testing etc. is part of what I would do anyway. I've always been at pains to discover just what I can expect from what I buy in order to use it as well as I can when I'm out shooting.

As ever when I reach these milestones, I will once again take the opportunity to thank the readers who make writing this such a pleasure and the sites who take me seriously enough to provide regular links. I do realise that in some forums I am regarded as the Antichrist, and regular readers can probably guess whose companies products that refers too, but generally I get very positive feedback. I enjoy the comments on Google+ (Well the polite ones anyway!) and that does seem to working really well as a kind of forum for the blog.

I'm always been particularly impressed by how people stay with this, considering my indecisive and impulsive nature, my capacity to change my mind constantly, my "enthusiasms" and my prejudices. I believe very firmly that a blog should be a blog. It should be written from the point of view of how the blogger feels on a day to day basis and should reflect and record mood swings, successes and failures and be an honest representation of what happens, the thoughts that shape that, and the (occasional) triumphs and the (much more common) mistakes. Above all it should be a truthful account of what is going on with the writer. In my case the process of earning a living from taking and selling photographs.

I'm keen to carry on writing if you all still want to read what I write. The blog is primarily intended to be entertaining and I have no real agenda other that to promote my professional (and personal) passion for creating pictures. Once again thank you for your attention, your tolerance, your interest and your comments. All are, as ever, much appreciated.

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