Voigtlander 90mm f/3.5 lenses on a Sony NEX-7

I've currently got two Voigtlander 90mm f/3.5 lenses which I use on my Sony NEX-7. One is an (originally) screw fitting m-mount lens, the other is a Nikon mount lens. Its taken me a while to get round to testing one against the other and since yesterday it was raining and I couldn't face yet another day of editing, captioning and keywording I took some shots, since I'm planning to use my NEX-7 more, as it is the camera I've owned the longest, and I don't seem inclined to sell it.

Both turned in excellent results, but the m-mount just shaved it by being sharper across the frame, though in terms of centre sharpness at optimum apertures the Nikon fit lens was probably marginally the crispest, though only by a whisker. The following comparison was typical of the performance at all apertures and I've included it because it was shot wide open where the difference was the greatest. The shots are blowups from a bottom corner.

Neither lens is particularly well-known and I can't think of anywhere I've ever seen either of them discussed, let alone tested. Consequently, I've kept this brief.

Incidentally I'm planning to use the Nikon fit lens to conduct a comparison test between the 24MP sensors on the NEX-7 and my D600 since its pretty much the sharpest lens I've got for my Nikons. So I guess that shows just how good the M-Mount Voigtlander actually is. They were actually discontinued a long while ago, but there are some new ones still around, which is how I got mine. Works very well on m4/3 too.

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