Video with Olympus E-PL5

I'm doing this review the wrong way round. I normally end with video and pictures and for those of you who are missing the "camera porn" I usually start with, don't worry, its on its way! But one of the things I wanted to try first was the video. There are not many options in terms of size, fps. etc. but several things the E-PL5 has in its favour is that you have full manual control, with the SEMA-1 adpter you can attach an external microphone and it shoots seriously good footage. Like Nikon, Olympus came to the video party somewhat later than most, but they are certainly getting this right now. 

This footage shot with a 75mm f/1.8, is excellent, even allowing for my dodgy panning! This is our garden, which normally has a stream running through it, but is currently looking like a dirty brown lake. Hopefully we won't be floating away in the near future.

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Stock photography by david hughes at Alamy