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Olympus E-PM1 Voigtlander 90mm Panasonic 20mm

Sony NEX-7 Sigma 30mm Rode microphone

Nikon D5200 announced

This all started at the weekend when somebody asked me about what I would recommend for somebody getting started in video, with regard to eventually making a low-budget short feature. My initial reaction was get a small m4/3 camera, or S/H DSLR like a Nikon D5100. However since this was a relative I thought I might investigate it further.  Its actually quite difficult. Options like the higher specified m4/3 and CaNikon cameras are out of the question budget wise, and co-incidentally the D5200 was announced (see link above) but thats going to be expensive initially (£800 + with lens) 

The top video was shot with an Olympus E-PM1, which is good in terms of quality, but with no built-in microphone, though I've just ordered an Olympus SEMA-1 microphone adapter set. Which might improve things.

The second video down was shot with a Sony NEX-7. Better sound with an added-on Rode Microphone, but as you see the footage is none too impressive in low light and inferior to the Olympus. It does look a bit strange and doesn't seem to be able to cope with my hand movements.

Its a difficult choice to get a budget option for decent video with a range of options that would allow some creative use. The actual on-screen quality of what's available is (mostly) very good, but its how this stuff works in practice that counts. A S/H hacked GH1 or GH2 is still a good option, with some kind of adapter for a decent microphone, or a separate sound recording module and some editing software, Premiere elements for example. There is also of course the Canon range such as D550 / D600 and some of the recent Nikons are much better for video than previous cameras. I was impressed by the D5100 when I shot video on that. The requirement I was presented with specified the opposite of a camcorder / home movie look and the capacity for professional looking footage, so small compacts like the Sony RX100 are not really an alternative.

I must admit its a question I thought there was an easy answer to. Now I'm not so sure. I'll be coming back to this in further posts.

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