Things move on - Olympus E10

My nephew managed to track down my old Olympus E-10, still in mint condition, and I decided to give it a try. When I used mine over 10 years ago I shot 1000's of images with it, which still continue to sell to this day. It also shot the bulk of the images for the performing arts portfolio studio I ran.

In those days there was no Photoshop Raw and you had to use the Olympus software at the time which was slow to say the least, so I shot tiffs or jpgs. I've had this romantic notion that these E10 raw files may actually be capable of a decent shot, but as with many romantic notions the reality is somewhat different.

The camera is so slow its unbelieveable. 10 secs. + to save a file, and the images are nothing to write home about either. The shot below is a jpg. created from a raw file. As you can see dynamic range is terrible, its none too sharp and there is some horrendous blue fringing.

So, lets just be happy with what we've got now, and those of you who weren't trying to earn a living with something like this should be grateful that you didn't have to work with these early digital cameras. I won't even tell you how much it cost, but I bought a 1GB microdrive compact flash card for it and that cost me £400.

Now where's that E-PM1?

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