Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander lenses - Deciding (or not!) what to keep

Despite my best intentions to get the contents of my camera shelf down to something approaching sanity, after all my taking out various combinations I still have only made a decision on two cameras, both of which I intend to keep and use. These are the Sigma DP2 Merrill and the Sony NEX-7. So not much progress there then. It seems sensible to keep one of each - Sigma, m4/3, NEX, Nikon. Since I only have one Sigma Foveon sensor camera  and one Sony NEX camera, my "selection" didn't take much effort! I am still no nearer deciding which of the five m4/3 cameras I currently have will stay. Unfortunately I want to keep all of them so this isn't going to be easy. Likewise the two Nikons. 

Its getting into winter here and the weather and the length of the days means that I won't be shooting anywhere near as much, so a lot of these cameras are going to be sitting there, gathering dust and loosing value if I don't sort this out soon. I just wish I didn't like the damn things so much. Regarding them as just tools would make this a lot easier, but since I don't, it isn't. 

In the meantime I had a great afternoon with the NEX-7 and 20mm Voigtlander (Nikon fit) and 90mm Voigtlander (m-mount) Great light again. I knew that where I was going I would need wide and telephoto lenses, so the Sigma stayed at home. So an afternoon of manual focusing (no problem with the focus peaking) which the Sony makes an enjoyable experience. Locations were Pershore and alongside the River Severn at Worcester.

There is an album of the images at larger sizes on Google+

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