Sometimes I wonder why I do this.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this. Yesterday I had to exercise my editorial function and delete some comments and block someone from the Google+ soundimageplus page. It wasn't what was being written but the way it was being stated. It was one of those "Everybody else should think what I think" pieces. The words  "As far as I am concerned" and "In my opinion" etc. were conspicuously lacking. This hectoring pontification has no place here and there is nothing more guaranteed to raise my blood pressure more than someone telling me what I should think, what I should want and what I should need.

Closed minds and closed attitudes are the reasons I don't go anywhere near forums anymore, why I have disabled comments from the blog and why I moved over to Google+. In the main it is a civilised forum, however it was ironic that on a day that I wrote about how I would like to see more comments and discussion, this happened. However that doesn't mean that I'm not keen to see more people write about their experiences and their ideas, I am, but this wasn't that. This was someone hiding behind their computer screen thinking that they could tell us all that we should adopt their philosophy and criticising (or attempting to) us if we didn't think the same, and didn't think the "right" things, that they obviously did.

Isn't this exactly the reason why the world is a place of conflict instead of the place of  peace and creativity it should be? These "Taliban of the Internet" will have no voice here and I will have nothing to do with people who try to lecture me. Its my blog, my rules, my editorial decision. Why someone would choose to read what I write and comment on it when they obviously disagree fundementally with me, bewilders me anyway. Or are people like this just trawling the internet looking for an argument? 

There are those who seem to think that the internet is Dodge City and we should all just get used to it. Well, I have no intention of getting used to it and I will highlight it, fight it and attempt to eliminate it at every possible opportunity. If this blog is about anything, it is about taking different paths, the pursuit of excellence, encouraging creativity and open mindedness and questioning dogmatic and cliched thinking. Sure I have my opinions and I may express them "robustly", but I am always keen to stress that they are my opinions and under no circumstances do I attempt to tell people that they should think what I think, do what I do and believe what I believe. I've always written about what I do "In the moment" and I believe that a blog should be just that. This is not a manifesto and I have no other agenda than to express my passion for photography. I am also convinced that it should stand "as is". Its not a photographic Mein Kampf designed to present a coherent philosophy, its rather a rambling, inconsistent account of one individuals flawed attempts at creativity and to make sense of where I've been, what I've done and where I'm headed. It is also intended that it should be honest and hopefully, entertaining. However when I encounter the "dark side" I often think I'll leave it and just get on with earning a living. 

These thoughts are however usually temporary and after getting it out of my system in a post like this I normally feel inclined to carry on in the same old confused way. I'm sure that will be the case here, so expect normal service to be resumed in the near future.

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