Some Google+ housekeeping

There has been a problem with Google+ in that my posts have been turning up in two places. The ensuing comments and discussions have gone on in two separate locations, which is not a good idea.

The problem is me. Not having bothered to actually work out what goes on with Google+ I wasn't aware that this would happen. My account is my name David Taylor-Hughes, but I have created a Soundimageplus page within that account. Because of this there are two different circles. Some people are in both and therefore receive two notifications.

From now on I intend everything to go via the Soundimageplus page. This is the last post that will be published in both places. I will also only be adding contacts via that page. If you are in the David Taylor-Hughes circle and you still want to be notified of posts via Coogle+ and be able to comment etc. then you will have to join the soundimageplus circle. Sorry to be a pain about this but this needs sorting out.

As you may or may not know, comments on the blog have been disabled due to rudeness and abuse which I have no wish to encounter. However I am very happy to enter into a civilised dialogue with people and Google+ is where that can happen. However it does obviously need to be in one place and that is what I'm taking care of after today.

Having, finally, taken the trouble to check out G+ properly it has some useful features, not least the ability to create albums with a decent quality of resolution. I have already uploaded a couple and they look very good.

It is my intention to do this more often as well as post images within the blog. I have stopped posting images on flickr for some time now and have decided to bring things under the google "roof". This ties me in even more with them but it works better for me and is easier to post images.

I would like the comments and discussions to expand. There are a few regular contributors but I would love to see more feedback. So - be bold!!

So to recap -

No more post notifications to david taylor-hughes.
Everything after this will be posted to the Soundimageplus page.
The circle on the david taylor-hughes page will eventually be phased out.

Hope this all makes sense.

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