Olympus E-PL5 - Review - Part 1 - Design and Body (The Camera Porn Post)

A quick description of the E-PL5 as compared to the E-PL3 is that the new camera has the ability to add an E-P3 grip (such as it is) and has a mirror that allows you to see yourself for self-portraits or for shooting yourself on video. (Very handy for bloggers!) In all other respects its pretty similar in size and layout. As you can see above my E-PL3 Toma leather case fits perfectly.

Since I've always thought the E-PL3 was the prettiest camera ever made it was inevitable I'd be seduced by the 5, and so I was. There are a few cosmetic changes. The 5 has a slightly bigger shutter button, the mode wheel is slightly different and the body finish is less metallic and slightly "sandpapery"

Here is how it compares to some other cameras in terms of size.

Here is how it looks with an Olympus 75mm and Panasonic 12-35mm fitted.

So pretty much the same as the E-PL3. I would guess Olympus are using the same chassis. It also takes the same battery and obviously the viewfinders VF-2 and VF-3 are compatible with the now "standard" accessory port. These similarities are the reason that its release price is relatively cheap for a Pen, I imagine.

So in terms of body and design its very much in the previous mould. I'm not sure about the non-metallic finish and I can take or leave (mostly leave) the screw on grip.  My leather case is better for handling, as far as I'm concerned, anyway.

In later posts I'll discuss how it is "under the hood" and what its inherited from the OM-D.

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