Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AI-s Review and user experience - Part 5 - NIkon D600

The following are stills shot on the D600.  I mentioned im a post yesterday that if you take a still image when the camera is in live view and movie mode it shoots 16:9 images. These actually look very good and an option I will use when I'm out with the camera.

The last three shots above give you some idea of the unusual bokeh the lens exhibits wide open. I think its quite attractive in a strange sort of way. 

While the lens performed very well for stills, again I think its main strength is for video. I should mention that the D600 is a superb video camera. Lots of options, microphone and headphone sockets, magnification for manual focus lenses and full manual control. Considering that Nikon were the first to put video in a DSLR with the D90 (Though it has to be said it was pretty awful) they then almost gave up and handed this to Canon. However they are now back on the case and both the D600 and D800 are very good indeed for shooting video footage. I shot the following yesterday and I apologise for the length, but I got carried away with what the 50mm f/1.2 could do. If you have the patience to sit through it and wait for the full HD version to load or download then you will be able to see just how good this combination is.

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