My favourite photographers - Raymond Moore

Raymond Moore is a little known British photographer who specialised in somewhat bleak landscape and location images of where he lived in the North of England (Cumbria) 

I first discovered him via a photographic magazine article. At the time he was being championed by Eamonn Mccabe known for his wonderful sports images and who later became the picture editor of the Guardian newspaper.

Moore isn't to everybodys taste and his images are often thought of as "difficult" as they are far from a classic idea of either landscape or street photography. They are in essence a combination of both, often photographed in what might be described as bad weather, or at least typically British weather. 

I've always loved his work and he was a great influence on me in my early photographic years. On one of my recent trips to Sussex I had a couple of days when the sky turned steel grey dull and I was in a somewhat run down seaside resort. On both occasions I thought to myself "Time for some Ray Moore moments."

He showed me that its OK to look beyond what would normally be regarded as a conventional way of looking and photographing the world around me. That the mundane and the often regarded as unaesthetic elements of our world can have a visual interest too.

There is not very much about him these days, but there was a BBC documentary about him in the 1980's. The three parts are on YouTube and I've put the links below. Its not great quality, but it gives an idea of what he was like and what he photographed.

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