My favourite photographers - Colin Baxter

I think Colin Baxter is the best landscape photographer on the planet. However, probably because he has his own company and has been marketing picture postcards, books, calendars etc. for years, he seems to not get the attention he deserves. Too commercial?

When I first encountered his work he was shooting a lot on long telephoto lenses and this gave his images an ususual look. 

He lives and works in Scotland, and that is where he takes the bulk of his photographs. When you see just how beautiful they are and then think about what the weather is like up there, then he is obviously a man of infinite patience.

If you have never heard of him, and if you love top class landscape photography that captures those special wondrous moments that we all chase, I'm sure you will enjoy his work. His books are quite special and I have quite a few. He has always inspired me and I assume always will. I only wish I had something close to that body of work.

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