Leica M samples

There are some Leica M samples via a chain of links starting here. Not very impressive. As someone mentioned, looks like a Canon! Obviously these are shot by what appears to be a pretty uninspiring photographer, but he was holding an M, so they could well be genuine.

When I first read about the CMOS sensor and good high ISO performance I did wonder. If these prove to be typical, and thats obviously open to serious question, then I wonder how Leica fans will respond? I was considering putting myself down on a list to get one of the first ones, but I kept thinking about all the CMOS sensors I've used and in the end decided not too.

Not sure why anyone would buy a Leica if the images look like they were shot on a DSLR. There is also the thought about why Leica introduced the M-E with the M9 sensor, did they know that the Leica M output was going to be somewhat un-Leica? Plus are they somehow thinking that pro photographers will flock to the Leica M if they make the output look like its from a DSLR? If they are I think they may be in for a bit of a disappointment. As far as I'm concerned Leica have already lost their sharpness advantage to Sigma, and a file output similar to a high-end Canon or Nikon isn't going to tempt me back the red dot, nor a lot of others either I suspect.

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