Floods - Nikon D600

The UK has just had more heavy rain and there is extensive flooding. Yesterday I went down to Stratford-upon-Avon and the river had turned into a large lake. I changed what I was going to shoot and spent some time taking these pictures. I got some great shots, but would have rather not have taken them since the water levels are taking their toll on people and property. Including across the road from where I live, where people have had water in their homes. 

We live in a converted mill and have the old mill stream running through our garden, however we are OK so far. Some of our neighbours are lower down then us and have a lake behind them which has flooded, so they have not been so lucky.

None of this is close to Hurricane Sandy but it seems extreme weather is becoming more common everywhere. Ironic that we were experiencing a drought here just over 6 months ago with worries about reservoirs running dry. Now our lakes and river levels are way too high and the soaked ground just can't absorb any more water. I haven't been out shooting on my favourite footpaths for some time as they are just too wet. 

We have another day of heavy rain forecast today so its going to get worse before it gets better.

All pictures - Nikon D600 28-300mm VR zoom.

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