Adobe Camera Raw updates - updated post

New beta updates for ACR in Photoshop and Lightroom. From DPreview.

For those of you waiting for an update that processes Fuji X-Pro 1 raw files without the "green mush" (Personally I've given up) then I'm afraid you will have to wait a while longer. As usual I tried one of my files and its still the same. As you will note above there are several cameras with support that you can't buy yet, showing that the manufacturers have provided Adobe with the info. they need, unlike you know who. I tried a sample E-PL5 file I had downloaded and its fine. Virtually identical to an OM-D. Nice to see the GH3 there already, which means I assume that the production firmware is ready.

Personally I think its scandalous that Fuji treat their customers so shabbily. I know a lot of them don't care, but there are those who do, and to have a camera where the only decent raw conversion is via a limited (Mac only) and specialist third party raw conversion shareware solution - Raw Photo Processor 64 - is nothing short of disgraceful. Fuji bang on about how wonderful the image quality of their X-Trans sensor is. Well isn't it about time they proved it?

And yes I did say that the Fuji X 100 was the best image quality I'd ever seen. Thats actually not incompatible with what I've written since. The jpgs. are great, the high ISO performance is the best I've seen and if you are prepared to work at it via RPP 64, then the results are very close to a Leica M9. So yes, the IQ is pretty special. But it should be available via a workflow that most of us use. Photoshop and Lightroom conversions are terrible, Aperture can't convert the files at all. Silkypix just gives you something that looks the jpg. 

Its actually not my problem any more. I sold my X-Pro 1, lenses and adapters ages ago for a decent price, but Fuji are just so frustratingly compacent about the whole thing, and have sabotaged what is basically a very good sensor and camera by some sort of standoff with Adobe. or so it seems. They will reap the rewards of all this in terms of (lack of) sales I'm sure and I for one aren't going near them again.

UPDATE - I've just found a good blog post on this issue - LINK HERE

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