The "Opinion Industry"

1001 Noisy Cameras comes up with some little gems sometimes in their opinion soup section. Now I'm not saying that just because they give links here all the time!

The first one I read was this:- At the Visual Science Lab, but not actually written by Kirk Tuck. Its the usual, "Photographers can't earn a fortune because everyone else is dumbing down and wants us to work cheap" stuff I've been reading ever since I started in photography many years ago. Oddly enough almost always written by someone who can't be bothered to shave! See what you think.

My take on this is what its always been, If you can't make a living as a professional photographer its because - You dont take pictures people want to buy and/or You don't understand the marketplace and/or You aren't a very good business person and/or (The most important as far as I'm concerned) You are simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH! 

But I guess, just like this whining has been going on for years, it will still be going on for years to come until we finally get rid of "The world owes me a living just because I know how to process a film in a chemical tank" photographers, and moaning old f***s who should just "fade away" or whatever it takes to make this undignified and self-important nonsense disappear.

The second link I'd "recommend" is this. Dont buy a DSLR at Popular Science. This as a, "I do things this way, so it must be a trend" piece about the "death" of the DSLR, and how CSC's etc. are the way of the future. Unfortunately its ill-thought out twaddle that bears no relationship to reality. Its for people who like cameras as gadgets more than picture taking devices and the kind of photographers who are more concerned about said camera / gadget not spoiling the cut of their clothes than actually doing something creative with it. Check out the opinion soup link for a couple of alternative views. 

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