Supercompacts. Nice name for small expensive single lens cameras. The one on the left costs twice as much as the one on the right. The one on the right is arguably the camera with the best image quality this side of medium-format. The one on the left is sexy. The one on the right isn't. Both are virtually silent in operation. I like both of them very much. Only one is staying. You all know which one it is.


It may not be an M series, but its a Leica. its vastly improved from the X1, its faster, has an EVF (I use an Olympus VF-2, which works perfectly) is great to hold and take pictures with. It has the ubiquitous Sony 16MP sensor and as such makes pictures that are clean, good at high ISO's and slightly soft. Its for sale on ebay.


Its hopeless at anything other than ISO 100, its ugly, its basic, its got dodgy colour and difficult software to process raw files with, it eats batteries (I take 4 out with me) its got no EVF and its difficult to hold comfortably. The images it produces are breathtaking. Its my new best friend.

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