Soundimageplus blog 2.0 OR Where do I go from here? OR Whats (NOT) on the shelf

So I have 12 cameras currently and don't feel much inclined to use 11 of them. I've been having quite a long tortured think about what I might keep as well as the DP2M. There are backups to consider, lenses other than a fixed 30mm, different shooting situations. Firstly I thought I love m4/3 so I'll keep part of that system, then I thought I'll keep the D800E, because of the image size. Then it was the Leica X2, then the NEX-7 then combinations of all of them, and then............. it came to me.

What about if I keep the DP2M and a few lenses and have as my other camera(s) whatever I fancy at the time? I can then try these cameras out, so you all get the (dubious!) benefit of one of my "reviews" and I get the opportunity to play with whatever I feel like playing with, since the DP2M hasn't cured me (yet) of my love for photographic gear in general.

This strikes me as a win win situation. If the DP2M is indeed "my camera" then I really don't need to have any kind of fixed system other than that. Since it has the best image quality of any camera I've ever owned, I have something to compare everything else to, and it lets me keep trying out different cameras and stops this blog turning into just a Sigma love fest.

It also means that I don't have all this money tied up in gear that looks pretty but ultimately just gathers dust. I did write recently that I regarded all my cameras as "temporary" but 12 temporary cameras is somewhat over the top, and this summer has turned my work room into something ressembling a second-hand photo store which looks great but something I don't really want to live in. And of course a constant thoughput keeps the blog fresh, with a turnover of gear that I guess you've all come to expect and it gives me the opportunity to have fun with new gear without ever thinking that I've somehow got to "get sensible" and make my mind up to just use x, y or z, because thats what "proper photographers" do.

So I'll have a think about what lenses to keep. I do of course have lots of adapters, so I don't neccessarily need to keep lots of different native system lenses. In the meantime I'll get round to finishing up my reviews of the Panasonic G5, Sigma 30mm for NEX and Olympus 75mm f/1.8. I'd also like to do a review / comparison with prime lenses of my Nikon 28-300mm zoom and I think I'll work out some ebay timetable to gradually start shedding everything to prepare for this "new regime". Then I can think about cameras like the D600, E-PL5, GH3 and maybe an RX1 or even the new Fuji (Now lets not get carried away!!) 

So if the DP2M has achieved anything, it has given me an opportunity to spot some future order in the midst of my current photographic chaos, and this strikes me as a more entertaining yet less expensive way to proceed. It finally stops this constant search for the "holy grail" of the "perfect camera" which of course is a myth and lets me go some way to doing what I really want to do which is try out every camera and lens ever made!! Now I've got the image quality of the DP2M "in the bank" so to speak, then anything else I use is a bonus and can be used and assessed in that context. I doubt I'll find anything that equals the Sigma files, but since that doesn't really make any difference to my future earning potential I can indulge my passion for all things photographic. 

Welcome to the Soundimageplus blog 2.0.

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