Sigma DP2 Merrill and Polarising filter - Some thoughts about everything else.

It struck me that the DP2M files might look good with a polarising filter and I was planning to try it out on Saturday. I did think however that a test might be useful and it was a good job as I did as it wasn't very successful. The saturating of the blue sky lead to a fair amount of banding, which the Sigma is prone too in darker areas particularly when they are lightened.

Different digital cameras seem to react differently to a polariser and with some it works well, others not so good. The Sigma DP2M seems to belong to the latter catergory.

Two things happened over the weekend which seem to making my mind up about what else to keep as well as the Sigma. Firstly with one of my best performing Microstock libraries I'm poised to reach 1000 image sales in a calendar month which is a first for me. It hasn't happened yet, but I have to sell less than my daily average for the next three days in order to achieve that. Its a landmark of sorts and if it shows anything it seems that the stock photography market is still flourishing despite the recession and that I still seem to be shooting pictures people want to buy. Secondly my best overall performing "conventional" library, with whom I have earnt commission of over $250,000 has finally decided to change its search engine criteria to reward those photographers who previously have sold a lot of images. (Its complicated!!) This has only been going on for a week, but I seem to be benefiting from this already with the largest total amount of images I have sold in a week with this agency for some time.

Both things have  made me somewhat more keen to get to grips with editing, captioning and keywording the huge backlog of pictures I have. Having had a burst of activity in the last few days on this, it has become apparent that the Sigma has pretty much the slowest workflow of any of the cameras I own. Part of this is down to the fact that I'm spending longer looking at the images it creates, but because of the need to use two different software packages, getting the images ready for upload does consume more time than other cameras. m4/3 has always been very quick for me and that is closely followed by my Nikons. Just simply because I don't want to spend every waking hour editing pictures, no matter how wonderful they look, I will be using other cameras, particularly when I'm shooting a high volume of images. I'm more or less decided to keep both Nikons for the time being (D600 and D800E) and my Olympus OM-D and Panasonic G5. So five in all. I'll see how that works for the next few weeks, and whether my desire to use the DP2M all the time continues or changes. 

So as usual I've found one of my "dilemmas" is solved by practicalities.

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