Pimped my Sigma DP2 Merrill

I've done three things to make using the DP2M somewhat easier. Firstly I've added the VF-21 optical viewfinder, which is reasonably close for getting whats in the frame right, but unfortunately is out in the horizontal plane. I've had to get used to adjusting for this, which involves making sure that the bottom frame line is higher than it should be. I then get a pretty accurate result. Fortunately the AF of the camera is a centre spot type and it seems to be very accurate and up to now, 100% reliable.

The second thing is a lens hood. There is a Sigma one but enquiries at dealers have revealed no future arrival date. However I love these Leicaesque metal hoods and they are readily available for not a lot on ebay. This one will do me fine.

Finally I mentioned in the last post about hacking up an M9 case. I've had to cut out a new hole for the fixing screw and I've also cut away part of the bottom of the case so I can access the card / battery slot without removing the case. I have no intention of publishing a photograph of this since it is very much a hack and hope job. However the case works. Firstly it allows me to have a shoulder strap that hangs right, and secondly gives me a much better grip on the camera body.

So I've pretty much come to a working accomodation with the camera and it more or less does what I want, and handles pretty well. Because its so wide, it does in fact handle a lot better than other smaller (and more aesthetic) cameras. I tried all of this out yesterday and it was pretty much how I wanted it and I found myself concentrating on taking pictures, rather than "fighting" the camera. Having used DSLR's for most of my photographic life, I am still locked into that mindset and I do find it difficult to get used to some of these smaller cameras, despite prefering the size and weight advantage that they give me. 

So I'm pretty happy. This battery issue is not good, and going out with 4 or 5 batteries is not ideal. However there are always those wonderful images to come back to at the end of the day. 

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