Nikon D600 - D800E comparison at high ISO's

I did decide to do some (brief) tests on the noise performance between these two cameras.  

The jpgs. aren't that much different as you can see from this comparison of 100% blowups at ISO 3200.

The raw files though are a different story, with the D600 clearly less noisy than the D800E.

With the increased pixel density of the D800E plus the AA filter compensating filter, this is to be expected. However the jpgs. are perfectly useable on both cameras up to ISO 3200.

This below is the D600 at ISO 25600. 100% blowup from a jpg.

Not so nice. 

ISO 6400 (jpg.) is OK, though there is obviously a fair amount of noise reduction and softening of detail here.

This is the D800E at ISO 6400. (jpg.)

Not so bad. Where this would come into play, for example at a wedding, if you shoot on jpg. then there isn't that much gain by using the D600. However if you shoot raw there is a clear difference, and the D600 is significantly better.

Just shows what you can do with in-camera software I guess.

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