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Sigma DP2 Merrill with 30mm f/2.8 lens

Just to see what would happen, I upsized / interpolated a few Sigma DP2 Merrill files to 36MP 103MB files (i.e. Nikon D800E size) revoved the exif data and uploaded them to a picture library that rejects anything that is not submitted at its native resolution. By removing the camera info. from the file, they had to come to a decision based on what they saw in the file, rather than knowing what the file was taken with. These were accepted. Since there is only one camera that produces files this size (The D800 / 800E) they were obviously happy with the quality of the image and felt comfortable with the size. I put this out there just to show the quality this camera is capable of. In my previous review I didn't really think that the term "Medium-Format Quality" could be applied to the output of the DP2M but its obviously close enough to top of the range DSLR quality when upsized quite dramatically.

As I indicated in a previous post, the Sigma is going to be the camera that I keep and I'll buy and sell around that. With regard to that I've started selling my somewhat inflated collection of cameras and lenses and some is already en route to new owners. With regard to what to work with alongside the DP2M, the only camera that comes close to the quality is the D800E. Before I decide whether to keep that, I'm giving a D600 a go. I picked one up yesterday and I'll be checking it out today. This may replace the D800E, as its a bit (150g) lighter and 24MP is a great size for image library work. I may of course keep both Nikons, but we'll see about that. However, things are moving out the door which is good after a period of accumulation and not moving in quite so fast. Hopefully I'll get down to something manageable (and actually getting used to take pictures) soon.

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