Latest Sigma DP2 Merrill pictures

Its not often that you can say that the Sigma Photo Pro software is an improvement on something, but following on from my piece yesterday on Fuji's idea of decent software (not!) its way better than what that company offers. Though the Sigma software is far from great it does manage to produce images that show just what the camera is capable of, unlike the almost redundant Silkypix variant that Fuji offer.

Incidentally there is another review of the Fuji X-E1 here that ignores raw files completely. This one contains the immortal line "I don’t bother shooting RAW because the JPGs are just that good." I guess that might explain Fuji's popularity amongst certain photographers. They seem to be easily satisfied!

Returning to a camera that can actually show its potential, I'm still having real problems (though problem might not be the right word here) in reconciling what I'm walking around taking pictures with i.e. a small black plastic box and the pictures it produces i.e. Incredibly sharp detailed images, the best I've ever seen.

I'm currently taking another camera out with the DP2M to give me more lens choices and I can feel myself thinking "Now I'll use my "proper" camera" when I switch from the Sigma. Its still hard to come to terms with the fact that the biggest and most expensive camera I'm carrying doesn't take the best pictures. Still. I guess I'll get used to it eventually.

A few posts back I said I was looking forward to a crisp Autumn day to use the DP2M and on Sunday thats what I got. The UK has disappeared under a blanket of fog and drizzle currently and I don't know when I can repeat that. The detail on these images at 100% is once again breathtaking. 

Now if only Sigma had designed it to look like a Leica copy, they would have everybody shouting its virtues from the rooftops. I tried telling an X-Pro 1 user how good it was recently and he looked at me as if I was from another galaxy. I guess to be taken seriously in some circles talking the talk is more important than walking the walk!!

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