Blackrapid Sport Camera Strap

Before I get into the Nikon D600 which you see in the picture, I thought I'd write something about the camera strap that I'm stylishly modelling!!

Its a Blackrapid Sport and its pretty much the best camera strap / harness I've ever used. I was in Jessops yesterday trying and then buying the D600, when I started talking to the assistant about weight issues. He then suggested I try this, and I then spent the next 15 minutes standing chatting about things photographic while I had the D600 + a 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom (which I didn't buy, though I was tempted) strapped to me. This thing almost achieves the impossible, it makes a DSLR feel lighter. Its not actually lighter of course, its just that the strap spreads the weight around and this becomes, when the straps are tight, a case of the weight being taken by the whole of my upper body. Because its fastened to the tripod bush, the camera hangs down in a vertical position and this means its more comforfortable, it doesn't move about, the screen doesn't get scratched and its available for instant shooting.

Today I went out with the D600 + 24-85mm zoom and its just as good outdoors for walking as it was when I tried it yesterday. It really does make a heavy DSLR and lens combination a lot more bearable. I also found that I could walk with my hands in my pockets (important for the coming winter) with the camera more or less locked in the position you see in the picture on the left.
This is probably the best photographic purchase I've made in a long time and I thoroughly recommend it. Do try it at a dealers if possible and see just how stable and easy to use the whole thing is. Simple, yet effective.

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