Sony NEX system - rewind

Thinking about it, I'm going to retract my comments yesterday on the Sony NEX system lenses. The three additions yesterday of the W/A and standard zooms and the fast "standard" lens ARE useful additions to the range and while some way from the choice that m4/3 users have for example, do provide a decent range of options now. 

My change of heart was partly brought about by my doing some editing of some NEX-7 images I took a while ago. While I have used my NEX-7 almost exclusively at ISO 100, at that setting it does create some very nice looking files. Since my NEX-7 is currently the camera that has been around the longest (though thats not saying much!) and I do like using it, I'm going to give the 10-18mm zoom a go. With built in IS and fixed f/4 it should be an interesting option, remarkably similar to the Panasonic 7-14mm in terms of capability, but with added built in Sony steady shot which I've always found impressive. 

I still feel much the same about the RX1, which is seriously expensive when you factor in the costs of what you need to add to it to make it more useful and easier to use. I suspect however that he price may fall quite dramatically after its initial release, but even so, its pretty steep for a fixed lens compact. Makes the Leica X2 seem like a bargain!!

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