Sony become largest shareholder in Olympus - good news or bad news?

From 43 Rumors

Of interest to photographers is this sentence in the press release.

"(2) Camera Business
The two companies also aim to enhance their competitiveness, primarily in the area of compact digital cameras, by exploring opportunities for mutually beneficial transactions and collaboration between their respective camera businesses, including the supply of Olympus technologies such as camera lenses and mirror cells to Sony, and the provision of Sony image sensors to Olympus."

So good news or bad news? Well, at first glance probably good news. Olympus is already using Sony sensors and that will obviously continue. Sony could obviously benefit from Olympus in terms of lenses. These things can take some time to actually make a difference and even after a few years it can often be hard to see any real impact OR companies do this to take over and then eliminate the competition. I doubt the latter, but you never know.

One thing is for sure, with Panasonic being reticent about who made the GH3 sensor, and if they had made it they would have surely let everybody know, it seems you are going to have to look very hard to find a non-Sony sensor soon. Canon, Sigma and Leica are probably going to be the only ones. Sensor manufacture is far from the whole story in terms of IQ but it does seem to be narrowing the options somewhat.

We wait to see.

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