Sony announcements

Sony's day to announce lots of stuff. Two cameras with 24MP 35mm sized sensors. A99 SLT camera and the heavily leaked RX1, plus a couple of NEX lenses. See Dpreview preview above.

RX1 is obviously the surprise and the one that will get all the attention. It turns out to be a souped up RX100 with a high price and expensive accessories and we are all supposed to gasp because its gulp!!! FULL FRAME. Wow! Well actually not wow. No built in viewfinder, you have to buy that. Choice between expensive EVF and expensive optical (no doubt as accurate as most other optical viewfinders) No grip, though you can buy a (you guessed it) expensive thumb grip. So basically a pretty large sensor compact camera at a premium price. Not quite sure who this is for. Sony hardly have the cache of Leica, even with the Zeiss lens. Its pretty limited and pretty basic in handling terms. But hey its FULL-FRAME! Wow! So if you go weak at the knees at the thought of a "lookaleica" then maybe this is for you.

All sarcasm aside, its an interesting camera and nice to see Sony, to some extent, picking up on what we photographers bang on about endlessly. However, it strikes me as too expensive, too small and badly designed. Its slightly smaller than a Fuji X100 and only slightly bigger than a Sony RX100. When I saw it initially it seemed very nice and something to get Leica fans thinking, but now I'm not so sure. I didn't realise it would be this size. 

Also announced A99 DSLT which looks OK, but that has to compete with the upcoming Nikon D600. NEX-6 which is a NEX-7 with a 16MP sensor. 

Nice to see some more NEX lenses, but is this too little too late?

Must admit, this strikes me as a pretty disappointing Sony batch. So expect lots of applause for the size of the RX1 sensor, since it seems lots of people think a 35mm sized capture device makes them "real" photographers and lots of moaning about the price. But then if you are into "lookaleicas" expect "lookaleica" prices.

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