Some quick thoughts on the Leica announcements.

Now I've just read the Leica website VERY carefully and the Leica M description mentions nothing about having no AA / Low Pass filter whereas the Leica M-E description makes a point of saying that its doesn't have one. 

So does this mean that the Leica M has an AA filter? It uses the same EVF as the X2, is partly weather sealed and is supposed to be faster. The worrying thing for me is how they make a big thing about how good it is at high ISO settings. There is talk by the way, that this is NOT the Sony 24MP sensor but made by a company called CMOSIS - here is their website.

So are we about to see a Leica M camera that produces images like a Canon or Nikon? If we are then why not buy..... You know the rest.

The M-E seems to be yet another M9 variation, this time with a quieter shutter and a rather nasty looking grey finish, so I'll ignore that.

More details will surely emerge soon, but are we about to see a different kind of Leica M? EVF is good. Focus peaking is good. If it takes R-Mount lenses and uses the same EVF as the X2 then that is good, because it means you can use other lenses on it as well. But Leica M's to me are about three things. Image Quality, Image Quality and Image Quality. I've got plenty of cameras that are fast, shoot video, have live view and can take SLR type lenses. I've got one that takes 36MP files and costs half the price of this as well. 

So all boxes ticked apart from the most important one. We may get some details about the sensor and resolution in the coming days but have Leica just shot themselves in the foot, I wonder? Who needs a £5100 35mm sized sensor rangefinder that produces the same quality as a DSLR? I know I don't, does anybody else??

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