Panasonic GX1 plus 12-35mm f/2.8

The GX1 is a very pretty camera. It looks not unlike a scaled-down L1 4/3 camera (The Brick!) It does of course take a decent picture, similar to all the other m4/3 16MP sensor cameras. However where it suffers from the arrival of the newer G5 is with its somewhat "clunky" shutter and of course the add-on EVF, which while pretty decent in terms of quality has to be switched manually between viewfinder and screen. The G5 has returned to the eye triggered switching between the two and is a much better option, particularly as the Panasonic EVF has a habit of being easily disengaged from its normal position. Its nice its able to be used in the vertical position, but its too easy for it to be moved by just looking through it.

The camera works nicely with the 12-35mm lens though, which is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. 

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