Panasonic G5 review continued - Video


Panasonic G5 14-140mm Zoom lens

Had a look at the G5 video. While for serious videographers the GH3 will be the camera to get, the G5 does a pretty good job. As can be seen above, shot with a tripod in HD, the output looks very nice. Sharp and with great colour.

Its less successful as a hand held "moving camera". The lens IS is OK, but there is still some irritating exposure and focusing alteration going on which spoils the smooth look. Even in Manual, there is still some auto lightening and darkening and it doesn't seem to do that in a smooth way. For this kind of shooting, the Sony RX100 is a much better bet and the footage that camera produces certainly looks better for those kind of uses.

However the G5 does a pretty good job and if you are careful and use a tripod its capable of great results.

Panasonic G5 12-35mm Zoom lens 

For this final one I tried out the 14-42mm X lens to see how the power zoom worked for a hand-held video.

Again, its OK, Maybe not quite as good as I thought it might be. But pretty much in line with other Panasonic cameras.

I've always thought that its in the family / snapshot / holiday video area that smaller sensor cameras work better. m4/3 cameras are capable of terrific results if used in a "professional" way but as a carry anywhere, hand held, "video diary" type camera I think they have their failings. If used in auto focusing and exposure modes, they always seem quite to produce jerky results to me. Considering who Panasonic aim cameras like this at, I've always wondered why they don't make it simpler and easier to get decent results. When you consider what kind of video these cameras are going to be mainly used for then maybe they should consider offering a "dumbed down" option, which in reality would probably make the footage look better. However if you are intent on producing some serious high quality work, then the G5 certainly won't disappoint, and the look of the footage is very good indeed. 

All of these were shot using the full 1080HC MP-4 setting. 

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