Sussex - last day

All pictures - Nikon D800E + Tamron 28-200mm Zoom lens

Yesterday was my last day on the South Downs and Sussex coast. I returned to the Seven Sisters to take more pictures of the cliffs as the light was clearer than the previous day, and also got more pictures of the south downs, which in a few short days has become one of my favourite UK landscapes.

It has been an enjoyable trip and the weather has been great. Not wall to wall sunshine, but considering what this summer has been like up to now in the UK, pretty good.

I've spent some time in area I've visited before but this is the first time I've spent any significant time here. The coastline is pretty special, but I've been impressed by the wide sweeping vistas of the South Downs and have spent more time photographing that part of the area than I originally intended. There have been a few magic evenings in wonderful light and I've got some special pictures.

I do, of course, now have to start editing, captioning and keywording them!

On the gear front, I've mostly used the Nikon D800E plus one of the zoom lenses I have for it. I've also spent some time using the Sony RX100, which continues to change my perceptions of what a small sensor point and shoot compact can do. 

The trip has clarified certain things for me. Firstly that I can cope with the D800E, should I wish to continue to do so. Secondly, that the D3200 just isn't up to what I want it to do. The images aren't sharp enough for me and my impression is that 24MP on an APS-C sensor is a step too far at this moment in time. True, I can get good results from my NEX-7, but only at ISO 100, and while that works for me for much of what I do, I'm not sure that I'm going to pursue it much longer. Thirdly, the RX100 is a useful addition to what I do. It lets me work in a different way and encourages me to try something different. Again, I've stated very clearly that all my cameras are now "temporary" and any decision I make about keeping it will depend on how it works in Adobe Camera Raw.

Finally, I've often written about how I don't see CSC / Mirrorless / E.V.I.L cameras much. However yesterday a couple of people stopped in front of me yesterday to take images with one. One was using a small Olympus Pen and the other seen below was using a NEX. I noticed him shooting a panorama with the tell-tale sweeping of the camera and the familiar series of clunks. However like me he had to have a few go's to get one that worked. I guess you can't have everything!

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