Sussex - Day 4

Another busy day. Started off with another ridge walk along the South Downs Way. The light was somewhat hazy and I was using my D3200 + 28-300mm VR zoom lens to pick out detail. I shot several muti-image stitched panoramas.

I doubt the D3200 is going to last long. Despite trying everything I can't get the images sharp enough for my needs. The only way I can get a file thats acceptably crisp for uploading to stock sites is to reduce the size of the image, which makes a bit of a nonsense of all those pixels. While its a decent camera for general use, which is probably what I'll write when I finish my review of the camera, for the kind of landscape and location pictures I mostly shoot, I need something with a weaker AA filter than the D3200 obviously has. 

After leaving here the sun went, so I decided to go into a seaside resort and have some fun with my RX100. Some shots of the fading and somewhat run down resort of Worthing on a dull, windy afternoon in August. Including the efforts of us stoic Brits to get some enjoyment from our summer holidays, despite what the weather throws at us. And I guess I was just doing much the same!

By this time I was seriously tired from my efforts of the last few days, and I returned home to where I was staying. The weather forecast indicated that was it for the day anyway. However, round about 6:00 PM the sky cleared and this wonderful evening light appeared. Fortified by some food and a rest I returned to the location I was at the morning and walked pretty much the same route as before. Since I wasn't particularly happy with the pictures from the morning I had the chance to get some much better images in really beautiful light. This time with my D800E + 28-300mm VR zoom lens.

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