Sussex - Day 2

Yesterday was a day of extremes in terms of equipment used. These first pictures were taken using my D800E + 28-300mm VR zoom lens.

For various reasons I also used a Sony RX100.

I'm still impressed by just how good this camera is. Its completely unlike any other small sensor point and shoot compact I've ever used, or ever seen samples from.  Its difficult to explain, but the files seem to have more substance and depth to them compared to other cameras of this type. True the sensor is somewhat larger and that makes a difference, but they stand up really well in comparison to images taken with larger sensor cameras. Considering that I am planning to sell these images they would have to anyway.

The fact that I even considered using it says just how happy I am with the image quality. Plus it has an advantage for what I shoot in that I get a real depth-of-field bonus.

Much as I love the output from the D800E there are occasions where I want as much in focus as I can get. There isn't that much of a market for landscape shots taken at wide apertures with minimum DOF. It may be an unfair judgement, but its always struck me that this minimum DOF thing is a bit of a hobbyist / enthiusiast fetish anyway. People go on about the 35mm sized sensor "advantage" but I've certainly never felt there was any benefit in that and all the other full-time photographers I come in contact with feel much the same. Fast lenses are useful in that they let us shoot in low light, but as far as I'm concerned the minimising of the DOF that occurs is a consequence of what happens and has to be put up with rather than sought out as an "advantage".

Certainly for landscape and travel shooting, my clients expect to see sharp, colourful, well-exposed images that have a depth of focus. Plus with stock photography, the more of an image that is available for use, the better its sales potential.

Anyway, I was pleased with what the RX100 produced and I will probably be using it again in the coming days. 

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