Sony RX100 - User Experience - Part 4

One of the reasons that I wanted to try the RX100 was the video. Its been getting rave reviews and after trying it I can say that it is really good. Small sensors can be an advantage here but the really nice feature is that the auto-everything settings are very well done. Wonderful image stabilisation and nice smooth transitions for focusing and exposure.

I'm going to be doing a review of the Gariz 1/2 leather case from in the next few days and I shot some video for that when it arrived.

gariz from soundimageplus on Vimeo.

I also shot the following, 1oo% hand-held, at my local canal and I was seriously impressed at how smooth and stable the whole thing is, when combined with the IS function in iMovie. Look at the zooming, using the rocker switch. Thats not me thats the camera!! Whole thing is a bit like having a built-in steadicam. Really impressive.

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