Sony RX100 - User Experience - Part 3

A couple of size comparisons for the RX100. Nikon D800E above and Leica X2 below.

With regard to the X2 I did an ISO comparison. 

If you click on the above image or here you can download a zip file of the full size jpgs. 

If you want the speed summary, the X2 is significantly better from ISO 800 onwards but the RX100 still does very well. This is jpg. only and the X2 is hampered by the fact that its jpgs. aren't actually that good, and I would like to do a raw comparison but I'll wait for the ACR upgrade until I do that.

However, I think you can see that the RX100 holds up pretty well against a £1500+ APS-C Leica super compact.

Incidentally this makes a rather nice pair to take out, and I'm planning to do just that. Since the RX100 is lighter than most lenses and the X2 isn't exactly heavy, it makes a rather nice outfit for shooting outdoors with. The X2 being very good at high ISO's covers most eventualities. 

Be an interesting option to my Nikon. For which I've decided to try the 28-300 VR zoom. Now this could be a mistake, and my back may well rebel!! However much as I like the Tamron 28-200mm, it suffers a bit at the 200mm end unless its stopped down, which is not always possible without any kind of stabilisation. I'm interested to see whether the Nikon gives better long end results. I'm also interested to see if I can still carry something this heavy around!

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