Sony RX100 - User Experience - Part 2

A few more samples from my testing of the Sony RX-100.

Here's a few high ISO shots, mostly 3200. There is a zip folder with the out of camera jpgs. that you can download here.

Not the best I've seen but far from the worst, Again considering the size of the sensor area, pretty remarkable. 

I thought it would be useful to show the various image sizes from the cameras I use, showing how the RX100 fits into this.

Nothing to do with sensor size or pixel pitch, just the size of image each camera produces. As you can see the 20MP RX100 sits between 16MP m4/3 and X2 APS-C sensors and the 24MP of the NEX-7. Whenever I do this I always think that the difference in sizes for printing etc. are closer than I imagine from the MP size. All of the cameras here are perfectly capable of an A3 print or double-page spread.

Below is a comparison between the out-of-camera jpg. and a raw conversion. As you can see the highlights can be better controlled in raw. The jpg. is with the in-camera dynamic range optimisation turned off.

The top picture and the one below are from some stock shots I took "Computer in a Conservatory" Camera was tripod mounted and at ISO 80.

Finally, I found an old Tamrac belt fitting carry case in a cupboard that fitted the camera nicely and went out on my bike to take some pictures with the camera.

I've had trouble carrying cameras on bikes in the past. Not any more!

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