So why back to DSLR's?

As a champion of small light cameras and the CSC / Mirrorless / E.V.I.L class in general, it may seem strange that I now have two Nikon DSLR's. A couple of days ago I took possesion of a D3200, Nikons "entry-level" camera. Though with 24MP and a host of features and functions, "entry-level" might be selling it a bit short.

Firstly, even though I complain about their weight (though not their size) I like using DSLR's and secondly, as you can see from the comparisons with the G3, its not that big. Even with the 24-85mm lens fitted its still a very easy handling package and one that isn't a burden to carry.

I'm going to be doing a full-scale review on the D3200 in the near future, but here's a few first impressions.

Handles well. Good layout. Typical Nikon.
Nice grip (Way better than the G3) Easy to get around.
Fast positive AF and shutter release.

 "Tunnel vision" viewfinder.
Slightly soft results from both raw and jpg. 

The word is that this is pretty much the same basic sensor as in the Sony NEX-7, and certainly the look of the files seemed very familiar. I will be comparing the two to see if this is the case.

On Friday I went out with the camera fitted with the 24-85mm and the D800E plus 28-300mm VR. The plan, as outlined in an earlier post was to use the D3200 for the walking and the steep slope I had to negotiate and the D800E for  when I was working in a smaller area/

However it didn't quite work out like that, as I took the D800E + "the beast" for another substantial burst of exercise. I just couldn't resist using it!

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