Panasonic GH3 Rumour

Some GH3 rumours at 43Rumors here

Now it is a rumour, but having spent the afternoon with the G5 I'm firmly convinced that camera, with its electronic shutter is the fastest (and quietest) AF / shutter release combination I've ever used. I tried some focusing and shooting cars going across a bridge at about 50-60 mph. No pre-focusing, no panning, just seeing a car, bringing the camera to my eye and pressing the shutter. This was what I got consistently.

The G5 really is lightning fast at this, so I'm quite happy to believe that the GH3 may well have the fastest AF. Plus using the G5 it is obvious that this is a very fast, very slick, very nicely laid out camera. Not something I've said about all Panasonic cameras, but there's obviously been a change of direction in Panasonic land. I don't think they are after facebook girl and point and shoot upgraders any more, I think they are after Nikon and Canon DSLR shooters. The debate is moving from can CFC's do what DSLR's do? to "Why can't my DSLR do what this CFC can do?" I think the GH3 could be a really exciting camera and thats without looking at the video specs. which are going to be exceptional I'm sure.

This is making my decision a lot easier!!

More G5 stuff when I've finished putting it together.

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